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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Navigator A4 80 gsm copy paper/office paper


PT. Margaol distributed Navigator A4 80 gsm copy paper. For more information and purchasing ,please visit out company website www.margaol.com

Specification :

Brightness: 102-104%(class a)

size: a4

weight: 80 gsm

size: 210mm x 297mm,

brightness: 102-104%

wood pulp: 100% wood pulp

color: white

whiteness: cie167

capability: high speed copying100ppm, laser

roughness: 140ml/min

surface roughness ts ml/min: 75-175

surface roughness bs ml/min: 100-200

bending stiffness md: 110 mn

bending stiffness cd: >50 mn

thickness : not lees than110 um

density : 0,72 g/cm3

roughness : ws 200~400 ml/min

roughness : fs 200~400 ml/min

brightness : 102%

- opacity: 95% not opacity : 86%

cobb60 data : 30 g/m2

tensile md : 6.2 kg/15mm

tensile cd : 2.5 kg/15 mm

moisture : 4~7 %

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Published: By: PT Margaol - April 30, 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Navigator A4 80 gsm copy paper & Double A A4 80 gsm


For more information and purchasing our paper,please visit our company website : www.margaol.com 

or you can email to : purchase@margaol.com

Published: By: PT Margaol - April 27, 2023

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Paper Industry Exports Increase


The paper industry at PT Margaol was able to record an export value of US$68 million until the first half of this year or in the midst of a pandemic that is still happening in Indonesia. Until now all of our machines are still working, even in the midst of limitations and we still have to implement health protocols. However, he said that the paper industry currently still uses around 50 percent of domestic paper raw materials, and 50 percent of imported paper raw materials. We also know that the industry wants raw materials to come from within the country, because they are easier to use and cheaper. If it's imported, there are insurance costs and all kinds of things. We will try to find out how the paper industry can get more raw materials from within the country

Source : www.margaol.com

Published: By: PT Margaol - April 20, 2023

The paper business is still bright


The Ministry of Industry continues to develop the pulp and paper industry to make it more productive and innovative so that it can be competitive both domestically and globally. With the availability of domestic raw materials, the pulp and paper industry has great business potential to make a significant contribution to the national economy.

"Currently, the installed capacity of the national pulp industry is 12.13 million tonnes per year. Putting Indonesia in the eighth world ranking. Meanwhile, the paper industry with an installed capacity of 18.26 million tons per year positions Indonesia in sixth place in the world," said Director General of Agro Industry at the Ministry of Industry, Putu Juli Ardika in Jakarta.

"During 2021, the export performance of the pulp and paper industry recorded a value of USD 7.5 billion or contributed 6.22 percent to non-oil and gas exports, which also contributed 3.84 percent to the GDP of the non-oil and gas processing industry," he said.

"The paper industry is a very potential sector because almost all types of paper can be produced domestically, including banknotes and valuable paper which have special specifications in meeting security aspects, as well as PT Margaol which continues to be committed to continuing to advance this paper business sector

Sources : https://www.margaol.com/?pagelayer-template=bisnis-kertas-masih-cerah

Published: By: PT Margaol - April 20, 2023

Sell Paperline Gold copy paper A4 80 gsm - PT Margaol

Our company are manufacture, distributor, wholesale supplier and exporters of A4 Copy Papers in the worldwide market.For The Past 15 Years, our company have been involved in the distributing and exportation of office stationery copy,copier,photocopy paper.

Our company has some principle and has gained huge success in the paper industry. We have long expertise and resources to provide our clients with a complete range of products and services with 100% satisfaction.

We sell Paperline Gold copy paper A4 80 gsm with affordable price. Available on 80,75,70 gsm.
For more information of the paper and making purchase please visit our company website : www.margaol.com

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Published: By: PT Margaol - April 20, 2023

Friday, March 24, 2023

Paper One A4 80 gsm copy paper



Sheet Size : A4 (210mm x 297mm)
Substance : 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm
Brightness : 102-104% above
Color : white
Whiteness : CIE167
Grade : All purpose Premium Paper
Sheet in Ream : 500
Roughness : 140ml/Min
Thickness : 110um
Opacity : 95%
Ream box : 5 Ream
Quality : Very High Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
Grading : A
Thickness : 106cm
Capability : High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable

Moisture Control :  Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enchances runability.
Low Dust Content : Minimizing Your copier runing cost.
Good Opacity :  Double sided copying of the best quality.
Smoothness :  Improving Printing Quality.
Bulky Sheet :  Enhancing smooth runnability.

Best for use with your :
Laser Printer
Fax Machine
2 Side Copying

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Published: By: PT Margaol - March 24, 2023